Thank you for the sales referrals

Having been in business for 29 years and in a sales role for previous employers for an additional 6 years, I still never take a positive outcome of a sales presentation for granted and try to follow most of the golden rules and structure that helps to pave the way to long term business relationship. Admittedly my limited sales time is is dedicated to leads from referrals and I only have meetings where I know we can offer a service that I can imagine making a positive difference to their turnover.

The last 2 presentations were so easy to get an agreement to provide a retained PR and marketing service (not one objection raised) that I drove away concerned that I had quoted too low a price! We know that we can be very competitive and cost efficient without reducing the time and effort required to succeed in the role of a part time member of their team, and both presentations included common sense based advice that will definately boost their turnover. Perhaps the fact that we have a short notice termination agreement that gives them added confidence that we will keep on top of the workload. That removes a lot of anxiety. So if ever I present to you, please put me at ease and object at least a little!

Thanks again to those who value our services.

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