And our thanks goes to…

So many people who have assisted with the success of our PR Consultancy since its launch in 1990.  Here is a list of those who we thank and appreciate their continued friendship.

Tony Crew – then the Managing Director of Mann & Co.  Our first client in 1990  and still a great friend and advisor!

Warren Haskins – who retained our services for over 22 years which is probably a record term of service for a PR consultancy.

Tony Whines,  His entrepreneurial spirit has always inspired!

Noel Pepler.  Without his contagious positive attitude and influence, it would be impossible to run a PR company.

Harry Knapp – Helicopter Instructor, businessman, and a natural salesman. RIP Harry.

Roy Farnfield.  Long-time friend, a brilliant businessman whose friendly tips and advice meant that Wordcaster would not fail!

The many editors and journalists, some we have known for over 30 year, who trust our press releases and appreciate our photography.  Thank you each and every one of you.

Every client has recognised our potential to boost their business.   Your trust and encouragement have never been taken for granted.