Why are we in demand after 30 years?








Senior Partner Gareth John explains:  “Over those decades we have worked with a great range of clients, some on our exclusive retained service and others for specific launches.  We have developed a common sense approach that ensure that we suggest what a client needs to do, rather than just do what they think they should do.  As we know what wont work and get results from experience, we can ensure that they get the best results from their marketing budget.

This is one of the reasons why, even though we have never asked a client to sign a contract that cannot be terminated with just a months notice, we become part time members within their team for many years.  Our longest service with a client is possibly a record breaking 22 years!   But even if our a client wants to cut a corner on the quality of our work, we can’t as our media contacts expect a high standard from us and probably wont consider a poorly presented news item.”

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